You can now work directly with me and my team starting TODAY to land your ideal career with our signature job search program, Get Hired Academy!



You can now work directly with me and my team starting TODAY to land your ideal career with our signature job search program, Get Hired Academy!


You're in the RIGHT place if…

  • You know that you were meant to do more with your career but are just not sure what that "thing" is just yet
  • You have applied and have gone on dozens of interviews, only to hear that they will go a "different direction"
  • You have decided that enough is enough and you are ready to finally land the career you've always wanted
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The truth is...

It's not easy to find and land a job that you love.

Because the conventional job search favors candidates who have a certain education, background, and experience...

But what if...

You could learn the behind-the-scenes secrets of the recruitment process and knew exactly what top companies are looking for?

You had a step-by-step process to master the job search and nail your interviews with ease?

You could walk into the negotiation process with leverage and confidently ask for a salary that is 2x what you are making right now?

Drum roll please... introducing


Get Hired Academy by Workhap (also known as GHA) is THE program that will get you that ideal career you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the program that I’ve built from my decade of experience that’s gotten results for thousands of clients all over the world 🌎

With Get Hired Academy, you get to work directly with the Workhap team to turn your biggest career goals into a reality! You’ll understand how to stand out in a competitive job market and get the exact strategies you need.

The best part? I’m alongside you each step of the way giving you guidance, support, and the coaching that you need.


Earn More

Our graduates have gone on to land multiple job offers that increase their current salary by $30,000 to $100,000+!


Get Hired Quicker

On average, our students see positive results in their job search journey as soon as 2-3 weeks!


Love Your Job

The program has helped our graduates find and land a career that they love and get excited about!

What's included?

6 Months of Direct Access with Sho​

During all 6 months, you will get direct access to Sho through our GHA Community where you can get questions answered and get personalized support for your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching with
ex-FAANG recruiter

In addition to the calls with Sho, you will be invited to bi-weekly group Q&A calls with an ex-FAANG recruiter to help guide you on your journey and give you a real recruiter perspective on your questions.

Exclusive Videos & Core Modules

Our Core Modules include 30+ video trainings on mindset, career clarity, resume & LinkedIn profile, networking, interviews, and so much more! Everything you need to get that dream career.

and so much more!

Don't just take it from us.. meet some of our alumni!

Offer in FinTech with 30% increase in salary!

“Working with Sho was truly the best investment I’ve made in myself! I was able to make a pivot I never thought I could and now I’m earning the salary that I’ve always wanted.”


Regional Sales Manager

Landed the role in tech he's always wanted with a 50%+ salary increase!​

“Not only is the Workhap team excellent at executing, but the content they put together was the best I have ever seen. Workhap’s methodology and strategies taught me so many new techniques that enabled me to stand out and land the job!”


FP&A Senior Financial Analyst

Went from Event Management to Sustainability at Adidas!​

"Sho gave me the much needed confidence boost and strategies that really set you apart from all the other candidates. Super grateful for all that his team has helped me do!"


Strategy and Program Manager

Our alumni have gone to land offers at...

Our alumni have gone to land offers at...

I know what you're thinking...

"Will this really work for me?"

Maybe you don’t come from a traditional background and think you lack the right education and experience for the role...​

Maybe you’ve been told by others that there is no way to break into a career that you are passionate about because there is not enough demand in that field...​

Maybe you want to move out of your comfort zone and start working in a new city where you don’t have any connections or want to be fully remote...​

Maybe you’re just tired of getting rejected and not sure what to do next for your career…​


But to get it, you have to go all-in and trust the process inside GHA.​

So now, you have TWO options, my friend:


Stay where you are in your current situation and wait for another year or two to finally take action towards your dream career 😪


Decide that you are tired of waiting and say YES to making your big career goals happen now and not later 🚀



  • Live Coaching with Sho + ex-FAANG recruiter
  • Exclusive Content and Core Modules
  • On-Demand Q&A on Members-Only Community
Screens with features of GHA such as modules, group coaching, workbooks, and more.


And you get full access to everything inside which includes 30+ video trainings, 50+ templates and guides, and everything else you need to succeed in your job search.

Bi-Weekly Live Group Coaching with Sho and an ex-FAANG recruiter

In addition to the calls with Sho, you will be invited to bi-wekly group Q&A calls with an ex-FAANG recruiter to help guide you on your journey and give you a real recruiter perspective on your questions.

Exclusive Videos & Core Modules

Our Core Modules include 30+ video trainings on mindset, career clarity, resume & LinkedIn profile, networking, interviews, and so much more! Everything you need to get that dream career.

Personalized Support for Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Send in your resume and LinkedIn profile to Sho, and he will give you personalized feedback on how to improve it.​​

Unlimited Q&A inside our

Members-Only Community

Get customized feedback and answers to all your pressing questions from Sho and the Workhap team. The GHA private community is also a place to connect and support your other cohort peers.​

BONUS: Resume, LinkedIn Profile & Cover Letter Vault

Gain access to over 50+ examples of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters that landed our clients the job.​​

BONUS: Ultimate Interview Guide

Get our exclusive guide with the exact scripts to perfectly answer the most popular interview questions, every single time.​

BONUS: Ultimate Networking Guide​

Our guide will be your go-to resource when you start learning the GHA secrets to getting a job without a perfect resume.​

BONUS: Salary Negotiation Module

Landed the job? AWESOME! Now let's get you the salary you deserve. Our bonus module teaches you how to communicate with the recruiter to get up to a 30-100% increase on your base salary.​

BONUS: 1:1 Salary Negotiation Call with Sho​

Once you get an offer, Sho will personally get on a call with you to discuss how you can negotiate your salary and get the pay you deserve!

If it worked for them... it will for you too!

Pivot from Accounting to Tech in the Bay Area!

"GHA has really changed the way I look at the recruiting process as a whole. It made a huge different in the way I reached out to recruiters and how I can leverage my network better. Sho's truly the best at what he does!"


Security Compliance Senior Analyst

Interviews in 2 weeks and offer in Clean Energy space after the program!

"I'd never had anyone remark that my LinkedIn and cover letter stood out to them before joining GHA. These tools and tactics make the job search doable for every single person."


Operations Analyst

Before GHA - job searching for over a year. After GHA - offer in 6 weeks!​

"When I entered GHA, I realized that I had been going about the job search all wrong and never felt confident. After GHA, I was able to snag interviews that I felt confident about - and the recruiters noticed!"


Pricing Operations Specialist

Thank you GHA!
GHA - the BEST investment you'll ever make for your career
The program works!

Read over 150+ success stories on Trustpilot!

Meet your Coaches

Sho standing sideways with his arms crossed

Get Hired Academy is led by your Career Coach


My friend, so good to see you here! I love what I get to do as a career coach, and it’s my mission to help you feel the same way about your work.

This is why I am so passionate about the work we do inside Get Hired Academy. I put everything you’ll ever need for your job search inside this program and included the best gems from my decade of experience in Talent Development, Executive Recruitment, and Coaching. 

And the best part? I am right alongside you each week to ensure you’re making strides towards your goal!

My past GHA clients have gone on to work at the best companies in the world and do work that excites them every single day, and I so want the same for you. If you’re ready to go all in and get the career you’ve always wanted, I am ready to cheer, support, and get you there!


Sho's been featured in:

Providing support is an ex-FAANG recruiter, Coach G

Coach G is a seasoned recruiter with 10+ years of HR and recruitment experience in EU and the US. His proven track record in hiring top talent for companies such as Amazon and Meta has ranked him #1 recruiter among his hires.

As one of the people to guide you on your GHA journey, Coach G will provide technical guidance on what to do to find your dream role, how to wow recruiters before and after meeting you, and negotiate the pay that you deserve!

Submit a question about the program or send it directly to support@workhap.com

I want YOU to be on our Wall of Wins next!


Will GHA work for any role or industry?

YES! I am 100% confident that GHA will help you in your job search, regardless of what role you want or the company you want to work for. Our past clients have come from finance, marketing, public accounting, tech, non-profit, government, etc. and been able to move up in their respective industries and/or make career pivots to completely new ones!

With that said, GHA does not substitute any special education program (think: Medical School or Law School).  So if you want to be the next great Judge Judy... maybe GHA won't be able to help you do that. 😂

Has this worked for other people?

Absolutely! We've helped so many people around the world get hired & paid with our GHA program. If you want to read their stories for yourself, scroll up to see some of them or go to our Wins section on our website here.

Does this include 1:1 coaching sessions with Sho?

Get Hired Academy is our signature group coaching program and all the live coaching with Sho and Coach G will be done in our bi-weekly group sessions. While this does not include 1:1 coaching sessions, you will get personalized feedback from them and can ask unlimited questions inside our GHA Community.

Our group coaching sessions often add more value because you get to learn from other's situations and the answers to your questions can benefit the whole group.

I have already worked with a career coach. Will this program still be helpful for me?

Every coach is unique and has their own skills and strengths. I work with clients all the time after they have received help and guidance from other coaches. There are some amazing coaches out there and I like to think all of our skills complement one another.

As for me, my expertise is 100% in job search & recruitment, and the reason why I was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice specifically for Job Search & Careers. At the end of the day, it depends on who YOU best resonate with. If that's me, I'd love to work with you! If you'd like other recommendations, happy to give them out as well. :)

How long will I have access to GHA?

You'll have access to the Core Modules & Bonuses for LIFE! Although we encourage you to take action as soon as possible, we know that sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, so you will have full access to all the modules forever. Additionally, you will automatically get access to any future updates we make to the course in the Kajabi portal.

Do you offer refunds?

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive and valuable coaching experience to all participants. Our team invests significant time and resources to ensure the highest quality of coaching services. However, due to the nature of our program and the personalized attention each participant receives, we are unable to process refunds once the enrollment is complete.

We understand that individual circumstances may vary, and we encourage you to thoroughly review our program details and reach out to our support team with any specific questions or concerns before making a commitment.

Additionally, we want to make this the BEST INVESTMENT you've ever made. So if you've put in the work and still haven't landed the career you want after 6 months of working together, we will continue providing you support until you do! Ultimately, we want this to be the best thing you've ever done for your career.

How much access will I have to Sho?

You will get direct access to Sho in the form of bi-weekly coaching calls, direct feedback on your resume & LinkedIn profile, answers to your questions in our private GHA Community, and more! During the bi-weekly group calls, you will get the best from Sho and our Career Coach G who is an experienced ex-FAANG recruiter. We are in this together!

Who do I reach out to if I need support?

Our team is here to help! Send us an email at support@workhap.com with any of your questions and we will get back to you there.

When does the program start?

You can start anytime! The schedule for bi-weekly coaching calls will be shared inside GHA.

If you are unable to make it to a group coaching session, don’t worry! You may submit your questions to support@workhap.com beforehand, and we’ll answer them for you live. All sessions will be recorded for you to refer back to at your leisure.

When are the live group coaching sessions?

Because we have an amazingly diverse set of students from all over the world, we do our best to accommodate everyone. Every other week, Sho and Coach G will alternate between going live at 7 PM PST and 7 AM PST to make sure everyone can attend some if not all sessions.

If you can’t make these sessions live, no problem! You can ask your questions beforehand and they will all be recorded and posted on our Private Group to watch the replay.

I'm hesitant to make this investment right now. Is it worth it?

Your concerns are totally valid, because I've been there! As a coach, I have considered other self-development programs and resources that would help me level up my life in different ways.

But, let me ask you this:

  • When was the last time you felt fulfilled in your job?
  • Can you continue in your job search the same way you have been and expect different results on your own?
  • Do you feel underpaid and undervalued in your current role knowing you have so much more to offer?
  • Do you feel like you could use the strategy, structure, and support from experts who have been in your shoes?

Your answers to those questions will give you some clarity as to the value and return on investment GHA has to offer. Some of our clients have gone on to double their total salary after going through this program. I would love to help you do the same and get paid in that career right for you!

If you'd like to give it a try first without committing to the full payment, we also offer flexible payment terms up to 3 months. Hope we can work together!

Is this program right for me?

I like to believe so but only you can know for sure :) We've helped thousands land into their ideal careers throughout the years and am confident we can help you as well.

The best part about GHA is that this is a full end-to-end program for your job search. So regardless of the stage you are currently at, you will learn expert strategy & skills that you will use for the rest of your career.

What if I'm not looking for a job right now?

We've had other students in your shoes before! GHA is NOT only a program that helps you find roles externally (aka with another company) it can also help you thrive in your current company! We have had clients that have been able to make internal moves and negotiate 50%+ pay increases after going through our GHA program.

Since we offer LIFETIME access, we've had students apply these skills & strategies multiple times throughout their careers for both internal & external opportunities.

Will joining GHA guarantee I get a new job?

So many of my clients have used these exact strategies to land their new job, but there’s never any ONE thing that guarantees a job. Will watching the modules, attending our weekly group coaching sessions, and practicing what you learn help you land your dream job? 100%!

But you still have to show up and put in the work to see the results that you want. I can write your resume for you and tell you exactly what to say in interviews but it's YOU who still needs to walk the walk! It's never an "easy" process to go after and get what you want but that's what makes it even more rewarding. What you will learn in GHA will change your job search & career forever. And if you put in the work, we will keep supporting until you land your new role.