Get the step-by-step blueprint to craft the resume that shows off your skills & experiences and lands you the job you've always wanted.


You know you need a new resume but not sure where to start? Maybe you’ve thought these things before:

⚡ What do recruiters even look for in my resume and what’s this ATS I hear about?

⚡ Why do I never get interviews for jobs that I would be a perfect fit for?

⚡ Which format should I go with to best showcase my skills & experiences?

⚡ How do I write bullet points that actually impress the hiring manager?

⚡ Should I just hire someone to rewrite my resume from scratch?

ALL OF THESE THOUGHTS ARE NORMAL, MY FRIEND. But here are my two cents when it comes to resumes.

You should never have someone else write your resume for you!

Why? I got 3 reasons for you.


A hit or miss.

Hiring resume writers can be hit or miss depending on their years of experience, familiarity with your role and experience, and overall quality of writing. Great ones are rare!


It's a one-time fix.

It’s a one-time fix. What are you going to do when you change careers again? Always hire someone new? You’ll always be dependent on someone else and I don’t want that for you.


You know your story best.

But most importantly… Because YOU are the only person who knows your stories and experiences the best! And once you master the skill of resume writing and storytelling, you’ll be set for the rest of your career.

I know this may sound crazy right now but writing your resume can actually be simple, empowering, and maybe even fun! 🙂

The only thing you’re missing before then is the blueprint to actually write that resume that will get you interviews & offers at your target companies.

And that’s where I come in! I’ve pulled together all I know from my decade of experience as a Career Coach, Recruiter, and Hiring Manager to give you the BEST TOOLS you need to write your new, winning resume.

If you’re ready for that next step in your career with a great new job but overwhelmed by the resume & recruitment process… I got you covered.




A complete step-by-step program to craft an amazing new resume that gets you noticed by the best companies in the world. In addition to the Core Modules & Workbook, Blueprint also comes with game-changing bonuses including access to our best-in-class Resume Vault, LinkedIn Crash Course, and even direct feedback from me (your favorite Career Coach, Sho) 🙂

This is what we will cover inside BLUEPRINT: Winning Resume 👇

Purpose of a Resume

The Purpose of a Resume

Learn what the resume is really designed to do and understand why our old resumes no longer work in today’s job market. You’ll see all the different (and incorrect) ways we’ve been taught to write resumes and the new methods you’ll learn in this program.

What Recruiters Really Care About

Now you will step inside the recruiters’ shoes and see the elements of your resume they really care about! We will cut through the fluff and get to the good stuff that matters inside your documents.

Dissecting the Job Description

The fun begins here! We will go through a real job description from Google in real-time so you can see exactly what goes through in creating a JD. We will pick apart the most important components and give you the tools & strategies you need to start building your resume from scratch.

Different Types of Resumes

There is no ONE perfect resume out there. There is just the right resume for the right role, and that is what you will figure out in this module. We will review a client’s best-in-class example and show you all the different options you have to write a winning resume for yourself.

Breakdown of a Winning Resume

Breakdown of a Winning Resume

Here we will go through the 4 main elements of a winning resume from top to bottom. And while format & style are important, it’s the content and the stories inside the resume that will separate you from everyone else. You will get the Workhap formula to write bullet points that sell.

Next Steps


Once we are at the finish line with your new & improved resume, it’s time to get it out there to the right people! You’ll get the checklist on what to do next to maximize your chances of getting interviews at the best companies in the world.

These are just a handful of amazing wins from our past clients!

Client win screenshot from WhatsApp


The Blueprint: Winning Resume System was built by




I know how frustrating the recruitment process can be firsthand. I’ve been in your shoes and have gotten ghosted, ignored, and rejected by many opportunities that I knew I would be perfect for. I always thought that I just didn’t have the experiences they were looking for… until I got on the other side as a Recruiter & Hiring Manager and learned the secrets to writing a 🔥 resume.

Everything that you will learn inside Blueprint: Winning Resume comes from my direct experience using these techniques myself and helping 1000s revamp their resumes. These are the exact strategies I used to land interviews & offers at Deloitte, Google, EY, Lyft, Sony, and more! And the same ones that have changed the lives and careers of so many of our clients.

Need some more convincing? Here are some more facts for ya! 😉

  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and HBR for our work helping thousands of people all over the world
  • Partnered with LinkedIn Learning to create best-in-class courses on Resumes, Salary Negotiation, Career Advancement, and more
  • Followed by 1M+ on social and 100% satisfaction rate on TrustPilot!




"Sho really is a subject matter expert when it comes to everything about careers, job search, and the hiring process. It was also eye-opening to see that I was not the only one in my situation. Love the community brought together by Workhap and how we encourage one another along the way! The strategies I used really impressed my interviewers, who were senior directors with the company."


Regional Talent Development Manager

"I was fortunate to work with Sho and he helped me tremendously with my complex search. I was in the middle of a move from Hong Kong to Australia and working with Sho was the key to establishing myself back into the Australian market with an amazing opportunity! I could not have connected with the team and nailed the interviews without Sho and the Workhap team."


Finance Transformation Leader





Inside this program is everything you will need to transform your old, boring document to a WINNING RESUME that you are proud of! This is the missing piece stopping you from getting the interviews & the ideal career you know you deserve.

Screens with features of Blueprint: Winning Resume such as modules, group coaching, workbooks, and more.

These past clients did just that and look at their amazing results!

Went from Event Management to Sustainability at Adidas!​

"Sho gave me the much-needed confidence boost and strategies that really set you apart from all the other candidates. Super grateful for all that his team has helped me do!"


Strategy and Program Manager

Landed the role in tech he's always wanted with a 50%+ salary increase!​

“Not only is the Workhap team excellent at executing, but the content they put together was the best I have ever seen. Workhap’s methodology and strategies taught me so many new techniques that enabled me to stand out and land the job!”


FP&A Senior Financial Analyst

Offer in FinTech with a 30% increase in salary!

“Working with Sho was truly the best investment I’ve made in myself! I was able to make a pivot I never thought I could and now I’m earning the salary that I’ve always wanted.”


Regional Sales Manager


Screens with bonuses included in Blueprint: Winning Resume such as the LinkedIn Crash Course, Think Like a Recruiter, Resume Vault, etc.


LinkedIn Crash Course

Learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn and how to craft the most important elements on your profile that will attract recruiters 24/7! Having an optimized LinkedIn profile will be a difference-maker in your job search.


Best in Class Resume Vault with Client Examples & Sho's Past Resumes

Get inspiration from those who have the kind of careers that you want! You’ll get access to all the best resume examples from our past clients and also get to see Sho’s resume throughout his career.


Think Like a Recruiter Resume Guide, Best Action Verbs, and MORE

Step into the shoes of a recruiter and get our cheat sheet in the form of our Think Like a Recruiter Guide for all the best resume tips packed in one e-book!

PLUS BONUS #4: Direct Feedback From Sho on Your New & Improved Resume!

In addition to everything inside Blueprint: Winning Resume, you will get real, actionable feedback from Sho* after you’ve implemented everything you’ve learned from the program! Sho will send you notes on what’s working, what you can improve on, and help take your resume from good to GREAT.

*Due to the demand and number of requests we get as a team, Sho’s turnaround time for resume feedback is usually within 2 weeks.





"Sho’s strategies are 100% the real deal. It allowed me to connect with companies that I would never have been considered for before working with Workhap. I walked into my interviews with so much confidence thanks to everything that I learned and landed a role in tech that I've always wanted. Sho always gave me reasons to believe that I could do it!"


Web & Marketing Analyst

"Before I started working with Sho, I already watched tons of job-hunting videos on Youtube but I wasn't entirely sure how to apply those techniques on myself. I was also a bit self-conscious talking about my background and didn't know how to sell my skills. Sho taught me how to brand my story better and inspired me to never doubt myself. He is strategic, brings such positive energy, and is the best at what he does!"


Senior Sales Manager



That means when you enroll in Blueprint: Winning Resume, you’ll get…

  • All the CORE MODULES that take you from start to finish — from understanding the purpose of a resume & dissecting it from the recruiter’s perspective… to crafting your new & improved resume that gets you results!
  • Official Blueprint: Winning Resume Workbook to stay organized as you go through each module, and additional activities & resources
  • 4 Customizable Resume Templates on Google Doc available for you to choose the format and version that works best for you.
  • Bonus #1: LinkedIn Crash Course to go behind the scenes on LinkedIn and equipped with all the tools to build your All-Star Profile
  • Bonus #2: Resume Vault with our best client examples & Sho’s past resumes. Learn and get inspired by those who have been in your shoes and have gotten the results that you want for your own career!
  • Bonus #3: Think Like a Recruiter Resume Guide and Best Action Verbs to write your resume from a recruiter's perspective and have all the best tips in one e-book
  • Bonus #4: Get Direct Feedback from Sho Dewan after completing and implementing the things you’ve learned inside the program. Sho will give you notes to take your resume to the next level

$697 $497



Won’t it just be easier to hire Sho or another Coach to rewrite my resume?

I’d love to help you rewrite yours but I no longer offer this as a service. Everything inside this program are lessons I teach my 1:1 clients so you’ll have it all! Plus, I think it’s so much more valuable for YOU to learn the skills yourself so you can use them whenever you need to in your career. Who knows all the different roles and opportunities you will be interested in in the future!

And maybe you want to hire someone else to rewrite your resume and that is perfectly okay too! IMO, writing your own resume is a skill you should take the time to invest in and learn for yourself. There are so many variables involved when hiring a career coach or resume writer, so if you do decide to work with one please do your research and make sure you find someone you can trust! My goal is to help you with your career so if you want some suggestions, happy to share a list of great career coaches & resume writers in my network. Send my team an email at with the subject line: Resume Writer. :)

Will this program have resume templates on Canva that I can work with and edit?

In my experience, most recruiters & hiring managers prefer resumes written in Word and saved in PDF format so the templates that we provide are in Google Doc format that you can easily customize for yourself. With that said, Canva & Photoshop can be useful for highly creative roles (for example: graphic designers) and this program does not provide templates for resumes built on Canva. We do cover the different types of resumes you’d need in our Core Module: Different Types of Resumes.

My two cents — I’ve always used Word for my own job search and 98% of our clients do too. I love Canva as a Marketing tool but do not recommend it for most people to craft their resumes.

Will there be plenty of different examples inside?

Oh yes, plenty my friend! You will find 25+ different resume examples, and we are always adding more to our Resume Vault. You will also get to see the different resumes that Sho used in his own job search. If there’s any specific type of resume you think is missing and want to see added to the Vault, we ask that you write to us at and we can add it in for future versions.

Who do I reach out to if I need tech support?

Our team is here to help! Send us an email at with any of your technical questions and we will get back to you there. You can also find us on Instagram @workhap and you can give us a shout-out if you are loving the program and your new & improved resume! It makes our day every single time :)

How much time will it take to go through the entire program?

We intentionally didn’t make this a heavy program because we want people to take action and see results as soon as possible! I would suggest spending an afternoon watching the modules and making changes to your resume as you go. In total, you can watch the entire program and craft a great working draft of your new resume within a couple of hours. Once you have a good draft, that’s when we suggest you send your new resume to Sho for his notes & suggestions, and for you to put on the final touch!

Who do I reach out to if I need support?

If you need tech help, our Workhap team is here to help! Send us an email at with your tech questions and we will get back to you within the week.

If you have specific resume questions, the best place to ask them is in the resume review form with Sho (available as a Bonus for all those who enrolled in the Complete package).

Will this program work for me and for my role, industry, career stage, etc.?

We’ve worked & helped thousands of clients land amazing opportunities and they’ve all been in different roles, industries, and career stages. We cover different types of resumes in our Core Modules and you have the opportunity to pick and choose the one that works best for you.

In addition, you’ll get access to our Resume Vault which has best-in-class examples from past clients from all different backgrounds!

With that said, every country, industry, and role will have its own requirements and we encourage you to take what you learn from Blueprint and adjust it based on your own situation.

How do I get personalized feedback from Sho?

Included when you enroll in the "Complete Package" is an opportunity to send Sho your original and revised resume to get personalized feedback on how you can take your new one to the next level! All we ask before you submit your resume is that you watch the entire program and implement the strategies & techniques recommended first. You will always have a much better experience after you try to make the changes yourself before Sho gives you his suggestions. To ensure you take action when you enroll, we encourage you to submit your resume for Sho’s review within 14 days of purchasing the program.

Please note: due to the demand and number of requests we get as a team, Sho’s turnaround time for resume feedback is usually within 2 weeks.

What if I am not job searching at this very moment?

These skills you will learn to build your resume are not just for a one-time use but for your entire career! Resumes will always be an integral part of the job search and your career so it’s important to have these skills at your disposal whenever you need to use them.

In addition to resumes, you will also learn how to build up your LinkedIn profile that when optimized will attract opportunities for you even when you’re not “actively” in pursuit of new jobs. As they say: the best opportunities come to you when you are not looking.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this program, we do not offer refunds for Blueprint: Winning Resume.

We want to empower you to take action on what you learn and put it to use. If you have any hesitations before enrolling, we highly recommend you first check out the FREE content provided on our social media accounts @workhap.

If you like Sho's teaching style and get value from the free content, we are confident you will get even more insights and structure inside Blueprint!

Will using these strategies guarantee I get a new job?

Oh we would love to make guarantees on this but the truth is — NO ONE can guarantee you that. So many of my clients have used these strategies to revamp their resume and land their new job but there’s never any ONE thing that guarantees a job.

Will crafting a new, tailored resume with this program help you land a job? 100%. But you still have to show up in every other part of the hiring process — finding the right role for you, connecting with decision makers on LinkedIn, nailing the interview, negotiating your offer over the phone, etc. The resume is just one piece of the puzzle but it sure is one of the most important because it opens the door for you!

If you want to work with me and my team to get help on your full job search experience, check out my signature program Get Hired Academy. I would love to work with you inside GHA: